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Fighting for .ai

by | Jan 15, 2021

What Fight? What?

Cover image shows up Tesla fighting for .ai but at this point and what does it mean exactly you would ask. At this point if you would be living under a rock not to notice main dominant actor in scene of Automatic Car Driving methods which is Tesla, rest assure Tesla is not the only one, but is the first to brand it correctly.


State of Tesla at 2021

Currently Tesla is world known car manufacturer that produces and gains a lot of people attention with new releases without even marketing they’re service though paid campaigns and focusing on product success. Information that is product is so highly anticipated and icon behind the icon Tesla, CEO Elon Musk creates an illusion of already won war, where war and true fight is just starting to emerge.

What Kind of Fight? .ai?

Exactly! Currently mechanism that drives Tesla company is uniqueness in model and artificial intelligence that predicts other machines maneuver’s and acts as a human driver. But reality is that Tesla company who did a great job starting this machine methods and did a wonderful job announcing it. But other models are chasing Tesla, and avoiding limitations and mistakes that Tesla did, and still doing.

Competitors, Who Exactly?

Tesla produces cars as a product for consumer to take and use (plug and play method). Other competitors are not focusing on model as a whole so much as it dives spectrum and releases of .ai of Automatic Car Driving methods. Companies such as: Cruise, Waymo,, MobileEye. Those companies first focus on method and adaptability of .ai and then integration it to vehicle.


So, Where Is The Catch?

You don’t have to buy a Electronic car to make it auto run and drive distance on behalf of you, you can use alternative solution provided from other vendor besides Giant Tesla company, and turn your machine into a auto driving vehicle if you choose that to be your choice. You don’t have to own year 2020 plus machine with integrated .ai to it that steers the wheel during driveway, you can do that with your 2005 Honda or Toyota if your car has ability to plug sensors to it.

What Is So Advanced About This Post?

Looking forward, you not only will have ability to buy Electronic cars with automated machine learning and tech integrated into it for 25,000$ or more, but you will have Automatic Car Driving engineering centers that can install this .ai methods with auto renewal of software to your machine for some fixed price.


You go to mechanic, request .ai to be installed. He specified with inventory you will need to buy ~300-500$, and installation cost around the same price. He installs the free software, or you can purchase or have like a monthly or annual subscription with vendor directly, and you are good to go. You no longer need to buy a brand-new car with new methods, you can simply change cars without worry that this car may not be Secure, will have the latest .ai for human to protect, or issue to prevent. This will open window for terminals inside machines for more open source planet view and more secure environment while driving, for everybody.

Conquerors of the market

Since year 2020 two main competitors with open stock market has emerged, and in close combat competing for practicality of offered solution by the time. Both of the vendors offer cars as a package with everything integrated into it, without any possibility of extracting elements or changing it. Nio and Tesla is fighting to take first bite of decade and leave only bits and pieces for rest of the entry group members. Competition is always good, and competitors that rose over past year shows not only big potential but a huge success, but as I can say:
More people in play, you are no longer forced to play by couple of vendors rules.


More On This Topic CEO in youtube commenting “3D” viewpoint of Tesla as it is advertised as advanced, where in reality you cant do anything besides provide 2D view and act as it is 2d for machine to understand.
Video link:
.AI competition review video:


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