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Hacked! Adobe, Vodafone, Xiaomi, CD Project Red and others – are you exposed?

by | Jan 19, 2021

Password Security, How Safe Your Password Actually Is?

This may come as a surprise, but the longer you are on the internet more potential you have to be hacked or your data to be stolen. Website helps find any potential data leaks that you may be experiencing, or predict them in the near future.


A, What? allows visitors to check if Passwords, Names, IP addresses, Physical addresses, Names, Nicknames and more got hacked and leaked. This gives you window to change your information and or report necessary authorities if you fall to potential leak of data.

Open Project

This website is built with the idea to share news in publicly, informing potential victims that the data that he or she uses is leaked and is open to all of the network. The website is constantly being updated even the year 2021 just began, there is websites that got hacked placed there with information what was stolen, and you can check if you may be the victim there.


Website has updates based on information sent over, year 2021 began, yet website has five websites hacked listed with what kind of information what leaked, last checked 2021/01/19. Keep your family safe, and your passwords encrypted. Wiki, what is Pwn?


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