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Most Common Excuses Nowadays

by | Nov 9, 2020

Only You Can Do It

There is no other person that will drive you to success and share the success story over to others. Key element of success is moving forward, and just by doing it.

In order for you to face true self-esteem and empowerment that will drive you forward you need to challenge yourself. Challenge by moving forward to unknown.


Excuses That We Use

I can’t do it right now I need…

To be in my Safe space, safe zone, relax or chill space.
Covid happens, I can’t focus. Everything is created, all of the tools are developed there is nothing else to do for me.
I need a perfect idea, then I can start working on that.

Three lines above is Perfect scenario and excuses don’t motivate you or move you forward, it’s complete opposite. As by simply following one particular path you may find another that is more rewarding that the one you started to seek at first.
Example: If you start by building websites who knows if you may end-up creating a development planning agency or logo branding agency besides the fact that you planned to build websites for life.

If you expect to have everything lined up for you such as money, fame, career without little work that won’t happen.
You need to take action, you need to take your life in control, thrive to be in control of your path.

Keep Your Workplace Clean And Tidy

Usually we tend to overlook clean and tidy measures, as we believe that it is a non factor in any way. However, research shows that keeping your desk tidy and maintaining only limited amount of belongings around you allows you to keep focus for longer, and avoid being distracted less.
Imagine: Everything is in its place where it belongs, you’r unconsciousness will not think that you may need to bring something out, change something, or move the cup from one side of desk to another.
Your conscious can rest, and direct focus can be empowered.
More on this topic: Harvard Business review,

Work Smarter, Not Harder

In order for personal development to begin, you need to embrace your work that you do and try to align everything. Write things down, specify things into three areas.

Things that you like doing and you are good at.
Things that you must do, but feel no affection doing them at all.
Things that you absolutely hate, but you must do.

How it works in practice:
Specifying work that brings you positive emotion you can structure your day or week around it.
Start the day with hardest task that you have, finish at least one before swiching to another. Afterwards give yourself a more relaxing task to work on.
By doing this not only you will feel as you achieved your goal, but you will have such an easy time now in comparison to morning that it is no biggie to tolerate it.

Mark Twain once said, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”


Imagine starting on the day when, after you spent a couple of hours on your nightmare task that you solved already rest of the day will be peace of cake. That is an amazing feeling. More on this agenda:

Stay Positive

Staying positive, keeping clean and transparent mindset is helpful not only for you, but for people around you.
Time to begin, start act.



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