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Search Engine Optimization Kind Of

by | Oct 6, 2020

wifilobster seo

SEO Kinder Garden

Since we are in year 2020 and everyone and i mean everyone has been familiarized with term SEO so far, there is no reason explaining simple basics of SEO.  
Within this article i‘m focusing on reverse engineering and known tactics that is hidden in the open, and its fairly easy to get going but it gets more and more complex once we get into certain points of mechanism, and unfortunately its not only single search Search Engine Optimization.


Reality About SEO

Mechanism is complex and saying that it is easily understood is misstatement AI that is running in background reading your content and trying to understand content you are trying to advertise is stressful and may end-up at the second page of Google (graveyard).
In order to succeed you need to follow certain steps to accommodate and fulfill search engine needs:


Wifilobster SEO

Part One. Classic Methods

  • Name, product, post, title, header (Mandatory).
  • Keywords (requires copywriter or moderator to modify content accordingly, hard to be perfect based on ever changing SEO AI).
  • Hyperlinks, referrals, bought ads.
  • Keywords (best, cheap, new, exclusive, limited time offer, 70% off or etc. anything that caught attention of reader and may win you seconds of attention over that may convince to stay longer and become interested in your product).

Attention Seeking Content That Just May Bring SEO To Your Knees

* Youtube, Reddit comments – advertise your brand name, create slogan, become public, build karma.
* Public Uber review placing uplifting comment, based on your journey with signature of your brand name.
* Google maps visited photo review – where you mentioned your brand business trip for experience and adventurous ideas that was caught there.
* Amazon, Target or any web store that allows you to place review comments with photos or detail comments you can simply specify your brand name, and stating how it helped you and your company to move forward. Its never the item, or your brand it’s the emotion & story you bring with it.

“Today was one of my best days within a weeks time. I had my colleagues birthday coming up and by finding gift for her I found a treat yourself gift with your *product. I really appreciate your ads that brought me here and to your product. Sorry for long post and review, but I get so much loved feedback from my colleagues based on this product that I just could not resist to publish it. Thank you and best wishes from Karen @ Wifilobster. Don’t forget to publish picture with smile and item you ordered.”.
*Replace word product with item you bought and you will have a free ad spread across.

Think outside the box, AI will follow.


Part Two. How To Become Dominant

Ten tips how to get SEO results, and save money doing it

  1. Research and clarify your exact scope what you are going to achieve.  (People , Sales objectives, Attention before new product release, etc.)
  2. Consider your budget. Nothing runs on air, in order for success story to be successful there is investment of time as well as money involved. If you miss one or another you are more likely to fall short of one of resources by the end of campaign of advertisement.
  3. Simply hire an competent guy that could give you a valid portfolio of successful job competent experiences and conversations that could last longer then 10 minutes explaining how to use Google tag manager or how to fund Facebook budget account to reach your goal.

4,5,6,7,8,9,10 – Not wasting your time on rules that lead nowhere, Understand the niche you are approaching, view competitors and find best suiting budget and responsible person to assist you in your journey.



Once boomers open Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge default search engine is

So instead of filling overflown bucket cash for Googles CEO Sundar Pichai, look into other solutions, and be open to adaptive change and new visitors from all across. –  benefits and competition based on pricing is absurd in comparison to Giant Google (link)

Mentions (but not honorable): Yandex, CC Search, Swisscows, DuckDuckGo (amazing), StartPage and others. 


Based on article topic and information within, there is idea’s and hints shared over, highlighting them over again will prevent you from success hunting, consider a comment and sharing your opinion.


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