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Stay Unique. Change Your Wallpaper

by | Jan 6, 2021

But Why?

Every day we wake-up, go to sleep, and change our clothes, that impacts our emotions. But we tend to forget one thing that we see more then our relatives that lives apart. The Screen.
Computer screen, Mobile, Tablet screens all have backgrounds all have wallpapers. Imagine waking up every time with same set of clothes with expectations to feel special but you are bound to stay the same… forever.. creepy right? 

Be in Control

Every year we are greeted with new computers, phones, tablets, watches that has some background applied to it. This background is not applied to you, or for you, this background is set to represent the product when you first open it and company who invented it. Don’t you want to be in control instead of going through river without paddles, only with life jacket, LOL.

Why staying the same when you can: Use photos of nature, family, animals, activities that you like and see a positive emotion when opening a screen in front of your eyes.
I strongly believe this is the thing that helps you continue to act instead of react.

Stay Unique

You are one and only, unique as unique as you can be. Skills, talents, face, body and voice.

Pay attention to movies now showing phones with dull background screens, same alarm clocks sounds, same calling ringtones, so boring and monotonius.

Who to blame, a company? Naah, not a blame game that needs to be played but acting game of change, change your wallpaper become unique as you can be, surprise yourself with a mood change and initiative to change what you see. Be yourself, be unique, stop being transparent and dull.

The Bottom Line

You are the only thing that can create change and make a reaction to your action. Stop pending for world to act and you to react, be the one initiating the change, be yourself, be the change you want to be.
So Do you choose to stay with a life jacket or row with paddles to your new adventure of your journey?

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