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Understand, Evaluate, Action

by | Feb 25, 2021

How To Attract Success

In our life we tend to be surrounded with many situations that tend to shift and change take us up like a hurricane and in most cases, never seem to end. How to stop it, create start and finish how to manage situations like these that occur in every day in our life, and come out successful, and more experienced most of the time.

Diving Deep

In situations where you are asked to do some sort of work or action that requires detail, we tend to accept the challenge/task without thinking about the consequences or ability to clearly measure it before going “All in”. How to avoid those, you may ask.

Understand, Evaluate, Action

In scenarios where you are asked to do some sort of work from higher manager, colleague or a family member we tend to say “All right, I’ll do it”. However, nevertheless as easy given request by requestor it’s rarely the factor that defines the success of the outcome. Without knowing what is exactly expected of you, you will not deliver what is needed, or not deliver your full potential that you are expected to deliver without further communication and acknowledgement of the topic.


Let’s just picture scenario where you are asked to create a website or a mobile app for business, or even rebrand the website. You agree, business meeting is over.

What you have won: You won a client, landed yourself a job (Congrats?)
What you lost: Clear vision of end-result, potentially massive rewords, unclear schedule, no defined cost etc.
Result: Deep dive, that will result in loss overall.


After hearing business wants a new website, mobile app, or rebrand of the current website. Instead of agreeing in bulk, you ask questions that you have in your mind, or you have a prepared head of time about potential milestones or blockers that may disturb future work and lay out those questions.
If you don’t know how to ask direct questions about potential disturbances, its ok take your time and prepare afterwards. Clear all of the aspects that may be affecting your or other business – Urgency, cost, clear requirements and expectations, two-way communication if information is needed and mini communication plan if that is needed.
After you gather all of the information. I will state again, after YOU gather all of the information you decide if you are willing to forward with given information or you need more for complete evaluation.


After complete information, analysis and evaluation, you are more than ever ready to take on full action and decide. Move forward with the work that you are expected and understand now what is expected of you to be delivered, or you take an alternative path.

Alternative path: Asking to share more information as described was not clear for evaluation, or you go one step forward and cancel or decline request based on unclear deliverables.



Its often we are met with situations that we think we can’t control, but we do. Nothing makes a strong person as a communicator, leader, team, player or a good friend if not asking goal that the person is trying to achieve and then deliverables that we are expected to deliver.

Measure seven times, cut once

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