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Project creating: User Story (2/3)

by | Nov 23, 2020

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Finally, Fun Stuff

After you have adopted your idea (Part 1), you are more than ever ready to start grinding deeper into your idea how you plan to execute it and make it real with identity. Article focus is for you to plan your ideal development user story.


User Story

In order for you to have since of progression and points to achieve you need to have a fixed goal of idea and afterwards divide it into smaller objectives such as milestones.
How your user will be viewing the content. You can divide your User Story into four starting elements such as:
How information will Create, Read, Update, Delete your data.

Pick Your Role

In order for you to comply with expectation of yourself, you need to pick a role and write a user story about it.
You are the creator of roles, but to begin you need to start with those two starting roles:
Admin/Supervisor/root/00 – This role has authorized access to create, read, update ,delete the information.
User/client/agent/01 – This role has authorized access only to read information that first role created.

Third role could be the person who overlooks content, a system administrator or a designed with just UI elements. The more diversity the better, more diversity more complex it becomes, try not to overcome your budget and your idea when going into particular elements specifics.

User story from Admin role point of view:

Once accessing website front page. Turns on Edit mode via control panel. New front page of website loads, with customization options.
Administrator can select a desired text field for modifications, edit text input change color and update the text. Administrator is limited to specified changes, other changes such as italic text, bold and size is not available. Administrator also can Enable or Disable comments for particular page.

User story from User role point of view:

After website is opened. User presses link to login. Login button redirects user to another page where login information needs to be entered.
Information that needs to be entered: Login, pass, code. Login name is given due to registration, password is created during registration as well, code is sent via mobile number that was created by user during registration. After information is entered user can press button login, and access the content that Administrator created. Content is locked to view only, with couple of comment options within pages that allow comments.

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Understanding The Mechanics

Every single line of user story in whichever role you type will determine how complex or in-depth you want to have your idea realized. In scenarios where money is time, and the result is tied within fixed time that you need to complete your goal being goal oriented helps a lot.

You as an inventor you need to find alternatives or similarities within the user story that would help you shorten whole story. Particular system could be merged or used twice, or a third-party vendor could be used that is free instead of creating a product from the scratch.

Aim for the moon

Couple of elements could be added not only to user story but also to your idea business plan, free of choice:

How big of a storage unit will you be using, and how will it work?
How you will ensure data security, do you need to consider physical security?
What obstacles you expect to face from the beginning besides having no plan, can you overcome them?
Do you have a plan of customer features that will be key to success
Do you have a plan for executing development or eliminating legal boundaries to start your plan?
What obstacles you expect to face at the end of the initial release with plan in hand, can you overcome them?
Do you consider maintenance, how big of a role it plays in your idea?

What is your target audience, and how will you reach it? – Write down your ideas
What is your plan for the first release, do you have an initial requirement standard for the first launch of your idea to the public or to be presented

More critically you look at your product from the start, less critic you will face afterward.

Aim for the moon.


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