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Youtube Algorithm Glitch – Community Poll

by | Feb 11, 2021


Youtube content creator The Spiffing Brit that is building his engagements by exploiting, or glitching his way out in official engines, games or platforms has hit its peak. The Spiffing Brit highlighted his discovery over Youtube where you can reach all viewers community easily.



If you been living under a rock, you are a not a content creator or not even having a associated youtube account with gmail (I doubt that’s even possible). I’d like to share with you how content is expected to bring content creators viewers, but no longer impacts it as most of community using those features already:

  • Likes, Dislikes – those buttons rarely impact viewers home page view when you access Youtube platform, and watch more then 10 separate content creators.
  • Subscriptions, Bell icon – does not guarantee that subscribed content will appear in viewer home page or even at subscribed section, many content creators fall behind due to this disabled feature for hidden subscribtions where algorithm chooses when to publish the content to subscribers and wen to avoid it.
  • Community interaction using poll’sdoes. For now. No filter, no games, just pure global community reach. After community interaction poll’s you create, your videos will be highlighted and suggested on right side of youtube for millions of users.

Everyone So Interactive

You may notice Youtube community pool rate being increasingly high in past couple of weeks, asking people more and more to interact and respond to polls that are created in simple way.

Why This Is Happening

This is due to unused feature that was released with YouTube’s expectations. Since feature was developed in million users scale, quite a bag of money was invested server infrastructure, hardware, development, etc. So, I without a doubt I can see that product manager at this point is not even preventing to use this glitch method, but allows to use it in a way to drive more and more users to interact with it, and return to YouTube if they left it at some point.Wiki, what is Pwn?


YouTube is a company of almost unlimited resources when it comes to enhancement. If new feature comes out, be sure to use it. If you detect a feature that is unused and quite bulky just remember that all of the community reach are split among other creators, less is more.
Community polls bring more subscribers, views, comments, recommendations and highlights for your YouTube account. Be sure to use it, up until it becomes widely used same as other features.



Pretty sure this viable only for couple of weeks,month. Clock started ticking for everyone to be aware 2020/01/25.

The Youtube Algorithm Glitch 1The Youtube Algorithm Glitch 2


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